Thick rubber type summary of polyolefins adhesive tapes

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-03


thick rubber type adhesive tape of polyolefin, divided into thick rubber type thick polyethylene adhesive tape, glue type polypropylene adhesive tape, its features is greater than or equal to 70% of the total thickness of belt, rubber thickness with from type membrane ( Paper) , single use to SY/T0414 - completely The strengthening of level 1 2017 standard regulations. 20 mm and strengthen the level 2. 0mm。 < br / >
thick rubber type polyolefin adhesive tape is suitable for the oil and gas industry, chemical industry, urban construction and other industries, steel buried long-distance pipeline anticorrosion, pipe joints and old pipeline anticorrosion repair, and form a complete set of primer combination. < br / >
thick rubber type polyethylene tape, also known as: polyethylene thick rubber type anticorrosive tape. The back ( Base material) For synthesis of high and low density polyethylene rolling rough hair membrane ( ) ; Rubber for high viscosity butyl rubber modified asphalt anticorrosive adhesive. < br / >
thick rubber type polypropylene adhesive tape, also known as: polypropylene anticorrosion tape, polypropylene mesh fiber tape. Base material ( Back) As unique uv resistant polypropylene mesh reinforced woven fiber geotextile; Materials such as adhesives based on butyl rubber and polyisobutylene, asphalt modification. < br / >
product advantages: < br / >
1, thick sticky rubber is extremely strong, and can realize own fusion, adhesive firmer don't slide, water vapor permeability and lower water imbibition, no bubbles, high elasticity. < br / >
2, back material thickness, high strength, good extension, steel flexible, appropriate has higher ability of resist soil stress damage. < br / >
3, the overall tape high withstand voltage, 25 kv, no breakdown phenomenon. < br / >
4, single layer construction, reduce labor cost, shorten the construction period, save the project cost and comprehensive cost. < br / >
5, no cure, no smell; Type, model ( Thickness) More and more.

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