Things to pay attention to when using masking tape

by:Yourijiu     2021-08-06
Everyone should have a certain understanding of masking tape after using it. Of course, some people use it only a few times, so they don’t know it so well. It can be seen from the name, tape made of masking paper. , Easy to understand. It is to apply glue on the textured paper. The performance is much better than that of the traditional tape. It has high temperature resistance and high adhesion. Even if it is torn off, it will not leave residual glue. The many advantages promote its wide range of use. Too much. However, we found that many people have no scruples when using it. In fact, the reasonable use of masking tape can improve its performance. Let's take a look at what should be paid attention to when using it!

First of all, where the masking tape is used, it should be kept clean and dry. If there are stains or water, it will affect its effect. It is easy to open the glue later; then it needs to be glued. Fix the tape firmly to promote better adhesion; some of them do not have the function of anti-radiation. For this type, it must not be exposed to the sun, which will cause residual glue. In addition, for different scenarios, try to try it out first to see how it reacts before proceeding with the next operation. After all, the effects of using materials such as metal, glass, and plastic are definitely different.

Masking tape has the above precautions when using it, and it should be strictly followed so that it can play its original role.

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