This combination is eagerness for seeking perfect

by:Yourijiu     2020-07-21
There are six different shoes style in each color theme and at the same these thirty-six pair of shoes has their own background. They present the glory of the urban city and the talented design of famous designer, or stretch their themes to the non-sporting circle. These shoes brought extraordinary visual impact that we can not imagine to consumers at one hand and at another these products also presented the inspiration collided between adicolor and artists of different styles from various parts of the world. There is nothing but methods for them to attract the attention from consumers. Compared to the abstract themes represented by most styles in the adicolor series and perhaps, it is worth for us to think about the shoe styles with cartoon image in each color. It seems that the cartoon image, Torn, in the blue series a little abstract because this image is based on the images in the famous film Tron while the other cartoon images have their own stories. In the history it is the first film to use the computer designing technologies. On one hand, these cartoon images inflow fresh energy to the whole color series. On the other they seduce people to recall their little childish in their deep hearts. The designing elements of the red series are based on the famous cartoon image Betty and her lips which are pretty enough to be full of naughty fantasy. During the Depression, the legendary cartoon master, Max Fleischer created the cartoon image Betty. The spoken way of Betty who is a cartoon image in the classic cartoons made by Fleischer not only influence each person or each case but also had an effect on those things without life. Betty is full of energy and high spirits. Her attitude of feeling good of herself and her capacity of doing anything enabled herself to become the idol and behavior example all over the world.
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