This weekend looks like there is an onslaught

by:Yourijiu     2020-06-20
Shor In The City - Critics are raving, and if you look at the number of shows at the multiplex, the film-makers are positive that there will be an audience for their gritty drama. Why should you go for a Tusshar Kapoor film? We think you should go for Sendhil Ramamurthy? Who? Yep, he's the guy who played doctor in the American series Heroes. You should go for him to see what did it take for Ekta Kapoor to convince him to be a part of this small venture. Tusshar did not have a choice, did he? Buzz Tip - The directors of this film, Raj Nidimoru and Krishna DK are the same people who made that cricket comedy 99, which was considered a sleeper hit. Shor could be their first century! Thor - After Black Swan, could there be anything of Natalie Portman you will not watch? This Marvel Comics superhero in 3D has summer-blockbuster written all over it. Buzz Tip - Director Kenneth Branagh, whose name is synonymous with Shakespearean film adaptations is helming this project. Can his Bardic sensibility blend with a comic character's fantastical world of myth? Thor's magnum has to be seen. Do not miss if you are a blue-blooded super-hero in your dreams. Thor will boost your ambitions of rule. I Am - With an ensemble cast so interesting. When was the last time you saw Manisha Koirala in a film? Ok, let me try that again, when was the last time you saw Juhi Chawla? How about how much you miss seeing Nandita Das in films these days. While I Am is dealing with issues of discrimination and sexuality, it's the woman star-cast of the film you really want to spend some time with. Go not for sensationalist stuff, go for these leading ladies who have invested in the film because they care for it. Buzz Tip - Onir, who has made some duds (Bas Ek Pal, Sorry Bhai) is back in form with this film. It harkens to the time he made, as he says, a significant film, My Brother Nikhil, which was also a socially relevant film, something you could take home. I Am is that film too. Naughty @ 40 - Govinda is 50 plus. In this film, he's trying to look 40. How he does it, we don't know, and don't want to. He should shed some kilos first, who wants to see him get into a bra? The trailer put us off; the film is not something we recommend. It looks tacky, and downright insulting. Buzz Tip - Dismiss. Queens! Destiny of Dance - Lakshmi Tripathy, that advocate of the third-sex community, god bless her for all the good work she does for the eunuchs of this country. But there is a limit to how far you can stretch charity. For instance, in this film, Lakshmi is making a guest appearance, in her garish avatar, and by the looks of it, she is hamming over-the-top. Yes, we understand transgender/transsexual people are loud in many ways, does that mean she cannot be subtle? Such a cliche. Buzz Tip - Watch it for Seema Biswas. She once played the fearless Bandit Queen. Have acting offers so dried up that she has to play a transgender character in this film? We don't think so, Seema just might give the film a dignity that the community deserves, an appeal to accept them as one of us. Limitless - The film is a mind-bending thriller about a guy who takes a pill to make his brain work at a 100% speed when the rest of us humans have a mortal ability to use just around 1% of our brain power. Buzz Tip - Neil Burger, who also made The Illusionist previously, has put enough twists and turns in this film to keep you on the edge. Don't you ever wish you could use your brain and tell what is going to happen next? Unlike our films where it is given that you know a priori, this Hollywood trickster will trump you as you keep guessing. Source Code - If you are a fan of Christopher Nolan films such as Inception and Memento, then this is not to be missed. Guess what, this week has two inscrutable films. After Limitless' thrill, there is the Source Code you have to crack. Jake Gyllenhaal takes over another person's body to preside over the person's last eight minutes, and in this stipulated time, he has to resolve a riddle on a moving train. Buzz Tip - Duncan Jones, who is the son of legendary rock star David Bowie, has, you can tell, inherited some of his father's zaniness, as is evident in the concept of the film. After all, his dad once played a dying alien in a film. So why can't his film hero hijack another man's body...hmmn, a connection you might want to closely look up. Chalo Dilli - Did you see Due Date which was in theatres some months back? Chalo Dilli is a rip-off of that film. Oh no! Why even bother, right? Exactly! In Due Date, Robert Downey Jr has to team up with the insufferable Zach Galifianakis to get home. In Chalo Dilli Lara Dutta is to Vinay Pathak, the most unlikely pair headed to hell on a road trip. Buzz Tip - Look up, if you are missing a sassy looking damsel in distress, high heels et al, then this is what you might want to spend your evening doing, looking at Lara Dutta's legs...erm, isn't she marching rebelliously, Chalo Dilli?
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