Town polyethylene tape conduit burning gas and heating engineering specification

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-03

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standards is the general project builders must abide by the rules and regulations, improve polyethylene tape in engineering construction scientific management level, ensure the engineering quality and safety, and reduce the engineering cost, shorten the construction period, energy saving, water saving, material saving, land, promote technological progress, the construction of resource friendly society has played a significant role. In order to make it more convenient for readers to understand and use of engineering construction standards, we organize assembly commonly used specification compilation of 'construction', a total of 14 pathol, respectively:

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1. The urban and rural planning '

2. 'Engineering survey and measurement specification'

3. The town road bridge design specification '

4. 'Specification for construction of urban roads and Bridges

5. The urban water supply and drainage engineering specification '

6. The building water supply and drainage engineering specification '

7. The town gas and heating engineering specification '

8. The town city environmental sanitation engineering specification '

9. Polyethylene tape

10. The 'norm of building foundation'

11. 'Design specifications for the design of building structures'

12. The technical specification for construction of

13. 'Standard of construction quality acceptance'

14. 'Construction site safety specification'

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this book compiled according to the 'scientific and rational, content is accurate, highlight key' principle, the book according to the latest release information of national engineering construction standards, included the town gas and heating engineering commonly used 22 specification, used for the convenience of the reader, polyethylene tape at the same time, included provisions of the relevant specifications. This book is suitable for the town gas and heating engineering and technical personnel.

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