Use of PE flat pockets

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-06
PE bag in our daily life is very widely used, whether it is used for snacks, or other things, is very good, but also very convenient. PE bag also can be used for beautification commodity appearance, also can be used as the lining of the mail items dust waterproof packaging. In addition, PE flat pocket there are many other wonderful effect.

1, the late spring, will be several days after exposure, red jujube, after salt fry hot cool, a layer of salt into a layer of red jujube in a pocket or cylinder seal save, jujube and safe for the summer. 2, PE plastic bag into the rice, extrusion and clean the air inside the bag, tied with a rope in tiejin rice mouth, can prevent the rice be affected with damp be affected with damp mildew. 3, fresh leek into flat pocket, put in a cool, dry place, can make the leeks within three days to keep fresh. 4, PE bag storage of sea cucumber. When dried sea cucumber, loading double non-toxic plastic bags, mouth up, hanging in ventilated, dry place, take out the summer sun a few times, so save the sea cucumber for a long time. 5, clean clothes in summer, but will wash the white vest were washed with water, then with soap or detergent to clean gently rinse. Then after rub gently on soap into flat pocket mouth up, after an hour in the sun in the wash. Can be difficult to clean, have yellow T-shirt vest and white. < br />

PE as the flat bag & have spent Can be made into various size specifications, can also make it square bag, etc.

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