Vacuum packaging what are the advantages

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-04

  Vacuum packaging refers to the product to join the tightness packaging container, air drawn to the inside of the container, after making the seal of the container to the expected vacuum degree of a kind of packing method. It is now on a historical progress, the principle of it, it is very simple, but is indeed a great extent, facilitate people's life. The vacuum packaging what are the advantages?

    A, vacuum packaging bags have good 'gas'. As we know, food, especially afraid of oxygen, oxygen is because of the many important basis of biological survival, but the bacteria also is biological, some bacteria able to thrive in a case with oxygen, never to compromise the quality of food and other goods. However, vacuum bags, just as its name implies, the bag must be in the condition of vacuum or close to vacuum, therefore, can have very good 'gas'.     Second, the vacuum bags can not only play the role of oxygen isolation, can also be isolated from carbon dioxide and other gases.     Have to say, vacuum packaging the use of safe, used the concept of 'green' production, no binder such as chemicals, added in the production process belongs to green products.

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