Way to improve polyethylene tape degumming phenomenon

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-03


polyethylene tape degumming phenomenon is consistent bothers many adhesive tape manufacturers and users of a big problem. Analysis is a sub of the adhesive bonding force should not be at the back of the base material, also is the adhesive glue the base force is less than at the beginning of the cause of the viscous force. Analysis of the second is tape winding tension difference in the manufacturing process, cause paper adhesive glue. Analysis of three is the rubber adhesive preparation of poor dispersion, anti-aging ability caused by poor reason to appear with the base material layer. < br />
improvement methods: basal membrane through the equipment in the manufacturing process of roll surface, increase roughness will be one of the side, the other side increase smoothness, so that effective enhance the rubber of the adhesive bonding force and at the back of the base material for manufacturing process of winding tension gap caused by the shortage problem of solution volume; Adhesive preparation to packing appropriate to molten dispersed evenly, thermal aging material is missing, not easy to drop adhesive storage time is too long, good control of the whole process can effectively improve the polyethylene tape degumming phenomenon.

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