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by:Yourijiu     2020-07-24
We won't just show up in some rundown van or beaten up SUV either. No, no. We are going to pick you up and sweep you away in style! Have you ever been greeted at the airport in a stretch limo? Ever felt the purr of a Porsche's engine beneath your feet? Well, if you haven't then you are about to! Elite Luxury Rentals is about to make all of your fantasy vacation dreams come true! Step off of the plane and fall straight into the lap of luxury...literally. Where do you think we got our name from? Choose from our incredible collection of high performance sports cars, luxury SUVs, and rare exotic automobiles that will make you feel like you just walked onto the set of the next Bond film. Yes, we even have Aston Martins! If that's not exactly your bag baby, then we also have a plethora of BMWs, Mercedes, and Audis that could easily wet your whistle. Are you looking for a little bit more headroom and foot room? Not a problem. We have sport utility vehicles from Range Rover that can haul you and your entourage around town. We even boast a nice collection Rolls Royce Phantoms! Pop some bubbly and feel just like Diddy or Jay-Z. You will be amazed at how free and alive you feel behind the wheel of any one of these exotic and luxury rides. You do not even have to drive if you don't want too! Arrange to be chauffeured around Miami like a true superstar. Feel like Hollywood royalty as one of our professional and friendly Elite staff members takes you anywhere your heart desires. They will be with you day and night. Just consider them your own personal tour guide of Florida's hottest and sexiest city. Tour the streets and shop to your heart's content by day. Then as the sun sets over the South Beach Strip, pull up to the trendiest night clubs and newest restaurants in style. Everyone will be wondering who that famous person is that just stepped out of that ride from exotic car rentals Miami. Just think! This could be you when you make your Miami plans this holiday season!
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