We live in a world where information rules. That

by:Yourijiu     2020-06-19
We want to have information about the latest thing, the latest news, the countries on the brink of change or a fundamental development that will have a lasting impact on the world economy. Take China, for instance. The Chinese New Year has recently begun. Everyone is talking about how China is booming economically and about to become the next big superpower in the world. Experts are closely following economic trends and business statistics in China. Reporters and researchers from all over the world are constantly writing excited forecasts or sharing opinions about what China will do next, what will happen in China next, what do recent events mean and how will China act in the future. Some experts are even measuring other countries' economic development against China's. Anyone who has ever been to China can probably feel change bubbling beneath the surface. Sometimes you have to look and listen a little more closely, sometimes you can see it. Of course, it probably depends on where you are. Beijing, the Chinese capital is an energetic, breathtaking and curious city, where some of the new trends, both global and national, that are overtaking China become apparent. Once you set foot there, you are overwhelmed by the amount of people - statistics about population in China speak for themselves. In 2011 the population of the country was approximately 1.35 billion people. That's a lot! And all of them seem just as energized and busy as the impression China is giving these days. Then there is the amount of roads and highways that stretch through the city - one almost feels as if one is in some kind of film, it is all just so big. Skyscrapers are not a rarity in Beijing, immediately giving the feeling that you are actually walking in a city much larger than it is. New buildings are being built. Everything and everyone seems to be permanently on the move. China is a country with one of the most ancient histories in the world and it is continuing to awe the world with significant changes and events. The year of the Dragon has begun!
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