What about Youyi delivery accuracy?
The order provided by Fujian Youyi Adhesive Tape Group Co., Ltd. is highly accurate. Accuracy means that the anti slip tape delivered to customers meets the requirements. Before shipment, we will confirm the quality and quantity of the product with the customer. We will confirm the consignee's information, including the shipping address, phone number, etc., to ensure that the delivery process is flawless.

With high quality Pre-taped masking Film, Yourijiu has gained more popularity in global market. The rice paper tape series is available in a wide range of types and specifications. Yourijiu Pre-taped masking Film is accurately crafted by workers who have engaged in the industry for more than a decade. This product effectively prevents the passage of air, gases, and humidity. This product is time-tested. All its inner electronic parts are made of quality materials, enabling it to last for a very time. The base and film materials make it resistant to corrosion.

Adhering to the principle of where to buy washi tape will be conducive to the improvement of Yourijiu. Ask!
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