What affects the effect of high temperature adhesive tape

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-04
High temperature tape, tear film tape adhesive tape, there is a such as peel strength and peel strength of the less or more or less will affect the production come out, the effect of the adhesive tape peel strength test to the strength of what is.

peel strength also known as the peel strength. Peel test is the ability to measure line of adhesive joint force, its strength in per unit width of the adhesive surface can withstand the maximum load damage. Peel strength can measure of adhesive joint resistance to crack propagation. Peel test is the tape adhesive bonding with a flexible part of the assembly parts instead of the glue another tear flexible or rigid part. Due to being thin stick, when external force, glued flexible part first occurred plastic deformation, and then, adhesive body will slowly tear in a row. Fabric adhesive fabric, for example, bonding metal, or fabric can peel test.

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