What are the advantages of double-sided tape of thermal conductivity compared to other thermal conductive materials?

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-05
In order to solve the problem of electrical and electronic products of heat dissipation, ensure the stability and the use of the product performance, usually need to use different types of thermal conductive materials. The advantage of the double-sided tape of thermal conductivity compared to other thermal conductive materials.

thermal double-sided tape is a kind of adhesive is applied to the heat sinks and other thermal conductivity on the power consumption of the semiconductor material, high performance of the heat conduction, strong adhesive strength, small heat resistance, and so on performance advantages, can effectively achieve the thermal conductivity and fixed. On the adhesive performance, many ordinary thermal conductive materials do not have the sticky, important parts for electronic products is not easy to paste, cannot be effectively fixed on the chip surface, but the heat conduction double-sided adhesive clever filling thermal conductive materials, in the middle in the superior performance of thermal conductivity of the at the same time, has strong viscosity, can solve the problem of adhesion fixed electronic components.

        On the performance of thermal conductivity, thermal conductivity of thermal conductivity of double-sided tape effect than the average thermal stickers effect is good, high thermal conductive performance and stability, temperature can work for at least 5 years, greatly improve the service life of electronic components, is some high heat conduction electronic products. And thermal conductive double-sided tape as well as thermal conductive silicone piece. When making die cutting into any shapes according to the demand, when using only light pressure can be adhesive, bonding strength drink temperature increased with time, and convenient in use with good practicability. Currently widely used in LED, mobile phone, computer, household appliances, auto parts and other electronic products in the heat.

thermal double-sided tape advantage:

1, LED light bar element and metal frame assembly;

2, make the radiator to the power supply circuit board;

3, instead of hot melt adhesive, screws, such as fixed way.

      Double-sided tape has a high thermal conductivity of thermal conductivity, viscosity, strong comprehensive advantages, able to solve the overall demand of electronic components of thermal conductivity, glue, solve the difficulties in heat dissipation of electronic products. Note: to maintain the double-sided tape good performance of thermal conductivity, shall be in the temperature of 23 ℃ + / - 5 ℃, relative humidity of 60% plus or minus 10% of the original packing storage, so as to better play to the characteristics of thermal conductive double-sided tape.

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