What are the advantages of duct tape and advantages let us decorate to use it

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-05
All of us can not do without some articles for daily use, and these stationery tape is a kind of can put the two objects together. And this kind of adhesive is the need to use it. Let me talk about a called duct tape material, a lot of all don't know what material is this. Let me talk about the duct tape what are the benefits and advantages.

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first of all, the duct tape is will polyethylene with fiber gauze thermal compound as base material, plastic surface coating mold release agent, fiber surface coated type hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive or natural rubber, have stronger at the beginning of the stripping force, viscous force, tensile resistance, oil resistance, ageing resistance, waterproof, corrosion protection, insulation, and many other advantages. And is it has stable double-sided adhesive, high tensile strength, strong cohesion, stripping force, can be used to be glued on the surface of a rough place. So when we decorate the house will use this tape.

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