What are the common size specifications of courier bags

by:Yourijiu     2021-08-08

According to the needs of the express company, there are three common types of express bags. The bag models are as follows: (customizable)

Large width 45cm*total length dao60cm

Medium width 38cm *Total length 52cm

Small size 28cm wide*Total length 42cm (sealing +5cm or +4cm included)

Express bag refers to the delivery of documents in the express industry , Documents, materials, goods, etc. used for packaging bags. Also known as courier bags and courier packing bags.

In addition to the use of customized express bags by major express companies, there is also the current online shopping industry. Many merchants in order to give customers a good image, enhance their image, and play a publicity role. Courier bags with their own characteristics are also customized.

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