What are the commonly used tape?

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-05

1。 Non-woven substrate double-sided adhesive and good processability, long-term heat resistance generally - 70 100-80 ℃, short-term heat resistance 120 ℃, the thickness of the general is 0. 08 - 0. 15MM。 Suitable for Yu Ming plate, plastic laminating, cars, mobile phones, electrical appliances, sponge, rubber, signs, paper products, toys and other industries, home appliances and electronic instrument assembly, display lens. 2. No substrate double-sided adhesive has excellent adhesion to prevent fall off with excellent waterproof performance, good workability, good temperature tolerance, short-term can heat resistance - 204 230 ℃, average heat resistance 120 - for a long time 145 ℃, the thickness of the general is 0. 05 - 0. 13MM。 Suitable for Yu Ming board, panel, decoration of the adhesive. 3. PET substrate double-sided adhesive good temperature resistance and shear resistance is strong, long-term heat resistance generally - 100 150-125 ℃, short-term heat resistance 200 ℃, the thickness of the general is 0. 048 - 0. 2MM。 Suitable for Yu Ming board, LCD, decoration, decoration of adhesive. 4. Foam substrate double-sided adhesive has soft, stick take good, initial adhesion and good stickiness, good solvent resistance and ultraviolet resistance, the general thickness of 0. 2 - 3. 130-0 mm, short-term heat resistance 150 ℃, long-term heat resistance - 80 93℃。 Suitable for air conditioner, adhesive, office furniture, communication products can replace the screw design, make the products more beautiful.       And low VOC tape and VHB tape, acrylic foam tape, TPU tape, OCA optical tape, AB double-sided tape, LOCA optical liquid rubber, etc. ; Ultra-thin waterproof tape, removable double-sided tape, adhesive tape; Stripping, no trace hook tape, silicone rubber tape.

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