What are the effects of air humidity on tape? u200bGuangdong Sealing Tape Factory

by:Yourijiu     2022-04-14
Guangdong sealing tape factory shares with you: What are the 'hidden dangers' that air humidity brings to sealing tape? Let’s take a look at it with us below~ The suitable humidity for pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes is about 55%~80%RH, and when it is greater than 80%, such as a small amount of solvent or moisture contained in the tape (especially water glue) in summer, it is not easy to distribute. The viscosity of part of the adhesive tape is masked, and the surface of the adhered object will also absorb water to form a weak interface, which reduces the adhesive effect of the tape. When the relative humidity is lower than 55% (such as dry and cold winter), the adhesive and the object to be adhered are too dry, which hinders the wetting and penetration process of the adhesive; when the humidity decreases, the dust concentration in the air will increase, and it is easy to produce a weak interface when pasting , which affects the adhesiveness of the adhesive. Therefore, whether the humidity is too high or too low, will make the adhesive less tacky. Guangdong Sealing Tape Factory
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