What are the main uses of sealing tape? transparent tape manufacturer

by:Yourijiu     2022-04-14
Transparent tape manufacturers share with you: sealing tape, also known as Bopp tape, packaging tape, etc. It is based on BOPP biaxially oriented polypropylene film, and is evenly coated with pressure-sensitive adhesive emulsion after heating to make it Forming an adhesive layer ranging from 8μm to 28μm, it is an indispensable product in light industrial enterprises, companies and personal life. BOPP pressure-sensitive adhesive tape for box sealing' After the original BOPP film is subjected to high-voltage corona treatment, the surface is rough on one side. After the glue is applied on it, the mother roll is first formed, and then cut into different specifications by a slitting machine. The small roll is the tape we use every day. Pressure sensitive adhesive emulsion, the main component is butyl ester. Applicable to: ①Transparent sealing tape is suitable for carton packaging, spare parts fixing, binding of sharp objects, art design, etc.; ②Colored sealing tape provides a variety of color options to meet different appearance and aesthetic needs; ③Printing sealing tape It can be used for international trade sealing, express logistics, online shopping malls, electrical appliance brands, clothing and shoes, lighting fixtures, furniture and other well-known brands. The use of printing sealing tape can not only improve the brand image, but also achieve a widely advertised brand. Effect.
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