What are the problems with printing tape

by:Yourijiu     2021-08-04

Many people do not know to pay attention to maintenance during the process of using printing tape, which means that they are discarded at will after use. As a result, when using the tape, it is found that the tape loses its viscosity and cannot be used anymore, so professionals remind us to keep it. For the good performance of the tape, it is important to pay attention to the environment. The specific performance is:

The key to the performance of the tape is the maintenance of the stickiness, so if you want to better maintain the stickiness, you must pay attention to the tape to avoid the sun and rain. At the same time, you should avoid contact with acid and alkaline substances, and pay more attention to the clean environment. And dry, avoid the tape contact with water, these will greatly lose the adhesiveness of the tape.

When the printed tape is stored in the warehouse, it must be placed in rolls, not folded, so as to ensure the air flow of the tape and ensure the good performance of the tape. This is also an effective means of good maintenance.

When loading and unloading printing tapes, we must pay attention to choosing machinery with outstanding performance. We must maintain stability when working. Choose masters with exquisite craftsmanship. This will ensure the safety and outstanding performance of the tape. It is also a better way for us to enjoy the tape. The guarantee of fun experience.

In order to ensure the quality and performance of printing tape, not only is the selection of better tape products, but also our correct maintenance is also very important. This is also a concentrated expression of maintaining the performance of printing tape, so the above introductions are helpful For us to better play the performance of the printing tape and enjoy the more fun experience that the tape brings us.

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