What are the repair techniques for damaged wallpaper with masking tape

by:Yourijiu     2021-08-10

The specific steps for the damaged masking tape are as follows: Wallpaper repair step 1: Lift the seam gently, and then use a brush to apply adhesive under the seam. Press the seam down, and then roll it on with a seam rolling machine. If you find loose seams on overlapping vinyl wallpapers, use vinyl to vinyl adhesive to stick them together.

Wallpaper repair step 2: If there is any sign of peeling off the seam, use two or three straight pins through the wallpaper and nail it to the wall until the adhesive dries. The eye of the needle is invisible. Repairing the holes and cracks in the wallpaper It is more difficult to repair the holes and cracks in the wallpaper, but if you handle it carefully, the repaired place is almost invisible. The specific steps are as follows: Wallpaper repair step 1: Use a single-edged razor blade or a utility knife to trim all the damaged edges along the damaged area.

Wallpaper repair step 2: Cut out a piece of wallpaper that is slightly larger than the damaged area from the remnants of the wallpaper. Hold the patterned side of the wallpaper remnant with one hand, and then rotate the remnant of the wallpaper while cutting out a round wallpaper block. After practice, the pattern of the piece of wallpaper that you cut from the wallpaper with the pattern on the side can be intact, while the back has a thin edge with a shaved edge.

Wallpaper repair step 3: Apply a thin layer of adhesive on the back of the wallpaper, and then cover the damaged area. Wallpaper repair step 4: Try to make the pattern on this piece of wallpaper match the pattern on the wallpaper. It may not be possible to align the patterns perfectly, but the degree of matching should be enough to make it difficult to detect.

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