What do the different colored warning tapes mean? Dongguan sealing tape factory

by:Yourijiu     2022-04-14
The ground warning tape is used more and more in the management of the workshop. The ground warning tape can be divided into two colors and one color in terms of color. Among them, the commonly used two-color are: yellow-black, red-white, green-white; commonly used single-color: yellow, red, green, white. So what do the different colors of warning tape mean? The following Dongguan sealing tape factory will explain to you! The yellow and black two-color warning tape is mainly used in the marking of the workshop passage, reminding unrelated personnel not to occupy the passage and not to easily enter the area outside the passage. The yellow and black stripes indicate the meaning of reminding people to pay special attention. The red and white two-color warning tape is mainly used in the marking of workshop passages or firefighting facilities. The red and white stripes indicate that people are prohibited from entering the dangerous environment, and also reminds not to block the firefighting facilities. The green and white two-color warning tape is mainly used to draw lines in the work area. The green and white stripes indicate a more eye-catching reminder to people to warn people to prepare for safety in advance. Dongguan Sealing Tape Factory Yellow warning tape, if it is about 5cm wide, it is mainly used for fixed and immovable items, such as shelves, equipment, etc., for positioning, and 10cm wide is also used for channel marking.
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