What factors will affect the viscosity of masking tape last?

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-05
Everyone in the process of using the U. S. profile of paper tape, sometimes may encounter less sticky situation, which has some may doubt to buy poor quality of the products, actually this kind of situation is mostly and use related to the environment, is not the quality problem of the U. S. profile of paper tape, so let us see what factors will influence its viscosity.

1, the first is moisture or flooding

beauty if masking tape has been hot and humid environment, will be hydrolyzed and gradually lose strength and hardness, serious, even liquefy. If there is water seep into the sub, also will gradually replace the sticky on the surface of the junction adhesive, so, in the case of wet immersion, bonding strength of adhesive tape will continue to decline, thus affecting its viscosity. High temperature 2,

generally, for a long time in high temperature circumstance, the U. S. profile of paper tape will be with the passage of time, slowly lower viscosity, although there is a special high temperature textured paper tape, but also should be used within the scope of the bear, this influence will be smaller.

3, glued with adhesive electronegativity

first say what is electronegative, electronegativity is the electrostatic force between the two kinds of material with opposite charge. Performance is excellent, general acid and alkaline of negative points, in accordance with the laws of plus or minus attract, glued and adhesive between the electronegativity, the greater the viscosity will be tight, otherwise will cause less sticky.

4, low temperature or cryogenic

the masking tape at temperature below 253 ° C below zero, the adhesion will be greatly reduced, this also is the viscosity of the more important a factor.

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