What is a commonly used conductive cloth, usually?

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-04
A, according to the classification of appearance:

conductive cloth is generally divided into plain and plaid conductive cloth, conductive cloth does have electrical conductivity, shielding electromagnetic wave, anti-jamming and so on, is only the surface texture is different. So it is better to distinguish. Two, according to the thickness of the classification of


conductive cloth tape thickness is usually used to 0. 12MM  , it is formed by 0. 8 mm + of conductive adhesive and naked cloth, this is widely used in all kinds of electronics, electrical appliances, aerospace, medical field. Generally have 0 bare conductive cloth. 02MM 0. 03MM 0. 5 mm of the three with the relatively less.

3, color classification;

conductive cloth with black conductive cloth tape and grey conductive cloth tape, black conductive cloth is in the ordinary course of conductive cloth tape on the basis of increased nickel plated tin processing, different from general carbon black processing, surface composition is nickel and tin alloy, which is usually says tin conductive cloth tape, color slants black.

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