What is a nano tape?

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-04

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nano magic tape: also known as powerful non-trace strip, nano non-trace tape, water two-side glue stick, black science and technology of film, transparent viscous force non-trace tape, USES 3 rgel non-trace removable glue, characteristics: strong adhesive force, perfect no residual, repeat paste, environmental non-toxic. Use: household daily, mobile phones, electronic, office supplies, automotive and other industries. Common size: thickness; 2mm- 2. 5mm- 3 mm, length; 1m- 3m- 5 m, width; 30mm。


magic tape nanotechnology applications: DIY cut, paste, organisational, hands free, nanometer strip with a stick, hands free.


nano magic glue application scenarios: applicable to a variety of material surface, such as plastic, wood, leather, marble, metal, glass, ceramic tile, plating surface, such as

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multifunctional nano non-trace glue is a cross-border business hot style products, is now deeply consumer crowd recognition, also with the upgrade of cell phones, trill, today's headlines, such as the media platform with the product.

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how to select the nanometer double non-trace glue stick quality, don't fall off, more secure, makes non-trace double-sided adhesive is more suitable for themselves, and improve the quality of the products.

nm double non-trace glue to stick to how to choose to use a more secure

the glue to stick on the market a lot, each glue has its advantages, but also have different shortcomings. So when choosing non-trace two-side glue stick more need to be careful.


choosing nanometer double non-trace gum three aspects need to be considered when

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manufacturer produces nanometer double non-trace glue quality, such as don't know how quality, can ask factory send test sample or free samples to test.

  The second:

custom before production, usage, best use on different items, need to provide different viscosity and thickness, can better finish production. Such as: use in the hook, mobile phone holster, ring buckle goods, such as all kinds of objects, to be sure.


say nanometer double non-trace glue need to achieve the purpose of, the purpose of the different need of different material and formula to complete. Such as to mobile, trace, one can move, double movable, etc. Clear after its purpose, to better promote its utilization value.


these three methods is also need to pay attention to, of course, different materials have different specifications of the manufacturer. Nanometer double non-trace stickers also known as 'double movable glue stick, non-trace double-sided gum', they are a kind of glue to stick a variety of functions. In many modern innovation items when using hopes to achieve mobile at the same time, not in evidence, can be washed, repeatedly paste improve utilization. Not easy to fall off, more environmentally friendly, it is also a nano non-trace glue to stick an advantage.  

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