What is afraid of is not counterfeiting, but innovation is not as fast as others

by:Yourijiu     2021-08-31
At present, no stationery manufacturer feels helpless without the term 'counterfeitingMicrosoftInternetExplorer402DocumentNotSpecified7.8 lbsNormal0 Currently, no stationery manufacturer feels helpless without the word counterfeit, so that many companies take design drafts to participate in stationery design competitions but dare not rashly disclose their new products. Why is this word so creepy? However, only him, Mr. Hu Zekai, President of Pierre Cardin Stationery Co., Ltd., smiled and felt that counterfeiting was actually ignorant and childish ridiculous behavior. The 2006 China First Stationery Design Competition, which encourages independent innovation by Chinese stationery manufacturers, was held in Guangzhou Building on August 17th. On August 17, the author had the honor to interview Mr. Hu Zekai (hereinafter referred to as Mr. Hu) and Peel as one of the judges. Mr. Hu Zekai, President of Kadan Wenyi Co., Ltd., is one of the final judges of the first stationery design competition. Author: Hello, Mr. Hu. You came to Guangzhou this time as one of the final judges of the first stationery design competition. Can you say something about the review of this stationery design competition? Mr. Hu: I am very happy to be invited as a judge, especially after seeing a lot of amazing personal ideas, I have benefited a lot. The future development of our stationery industry is to rely on innovative designs to help companies make profits. It's just that the current stationery industry is still in the trend of copying Korean stationery trends blindly. Author: Can you talk about the status quo of counterfeiting in the stationery industry? Mr. Hu: Our stationery company has been in development for 20 years. Only a few relatively large stationery manufacturers such as Jin Wannian, Lemei, and Qixin have their own Ru0026D centers and have their own design strength. Almost all others are helping Foreign OEM. The main reason is that our designers are not deep enough in the processing and manufacturing process of production, lack the concept of cost, and the products are not as good as developed countries in terms of materials, technology, and technology. The popularity of Korean style has led many small companies to directly copy other people's appearance, or directly import other people's technology, and then produce and sell to consumers. Therefore, the development of the stationery industry has always been led by the nose. Author: So what do you think about counterfeiting? President Hu: I am not afraid of counterfeiting, but I am afraid that innovation is not as fast as others. Corporate profit comes from the innovative design of the company's products. What we are superior to others is that we continue to commoditize the design in a short period of time. The higher the degree of commoditization, the more profit naturally. In fact, design is not a patent of a large company, and a small company can also own it, because it does not require high costs. New products are easily priced, and profits are recirculated to the design to stimulate the design. What we want to make is not ordinary profit, so everyone is making it, and all will make it. What we want to make is the excess profit that no one else has made. To give a simple example, why is no one copying mobile phones? It’s too late to imitate, it’s useless. A new mobile phone can be sold for 4,000 yuan as soon as it is launched. Within two months, it can fall to 2,000 yuan. For four generations, the pockets have long been stuffed. Author: Can you talk about how you created value for the company in the first place? President Hu: When I first founded Yatan, there were only two people, one was me and the other was a designer. From the very beginning, we set our goal on international standards, and then we made full market research to understand what consumers really like? In this way, we keep designing plans, and then put them on the market. If I continue to invest my money in production, I’m not afraid that no one wants the products on the market. I produce 10 products, and there is always one that consumers will like. Then I can make money back, and then continue to design-produce-market. This is a cyclical process. Therefore, as a business leader, you must have an international vision and thinking, and not be complacent with short-term profits. It is even more necessary to focus on the international market. In addition to the introduction of international technology and foreign investment, it is necessary to focus on high-quality products, professional brand promotion and management, constantly try innovative design concepts, and enhance the strong awareness of intellectual property protection brand building. , To reach a more professional level, and lay a solid foundation for the future road to the brand! Author: Is there anything else I need to add in the end? Mr. Hu: I'm just sharing my experience. It's really simple to say. In the end, it depends on whoever puts it into action, who is likely to be the winner. In such a fierce market competition, the only way is to be faster, more ruthless and more accurate than others! Our stationery industry must have a company that can stand up and lead us. We must infiltrate consumers' minds with taste, quality and reasonable prices, and slowly take the road of a stationery brand of our own style, and carry forward the stationery industry. !
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