What is polypropylene adhesive tape?

by:Yourijiu     2021-08-01

Polypropylene adhesive tape is a new type of pollution-free, non-hazardous and environmentally friendly anti-corrosion product. It represents the highest level of anti-corrosion adhesive tape in the world and at home, and has the reputation of 'Crown of Anti-corrosion. Polypropylene adhesive tape can be widely used in oil, natural gas, chemical, urban construction water supply and drainage, oil and gas, gas transportation steel pipelines and steel buried storage tanks for external anti-corrosion and repair projects. Polypropylene adhesive tape is a recommended product designated by the Ministry of Construction and the State Environmental Protection Administration to replace 'asphalt glass cloth' and 'epoxy coal pitch'. It has the characteristics of simple construction, impact resistance, aging resistance, tensile resistance, ultraviolet radiation resistance, and high bonding strength.

The base material of polypropylene adhesive tape is a unique modified polypropylene woven fiber cloth, and butyl rubber modified asphalt is used as the anticorrosive adhesive layer. The polypropylene adhesive tape base material is a fiber structure that can effectively resist the creep damage caused by soil stress. The aging test proves that its corrosion resistance life is more than 50 years, and the test indicators are much higher than SY/T0414-98 Standard requirements, fully meet the American ANSI/AWWAC209-00 and NACEMR0274-95 indicators. Polypropylene adhesive tape is the best choice in pipeline cold anti-corrosion construction tape, and it is also the most economical choice for anti-corrosion.

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