What is textured paper? What is the principle of masking tape? What are the reasons for applying masking paper?

by:Yourijiu     2021-08-05

   As one of the tools for beautiful stitching of tiles, masking tape is more important than you think. But there are still many people who don’t know what masking paper is and why is it so important? People who know it all find it troublesome to paste masking paper, but in fact, it saves time and effort than not having a sticker, and the effect is far beyond your imagination. Let's follow the foreman of Taiyuan Decoration Company to learn about textured paper and the reasons for using it!

What is textured paper? What is the principle? What are the reasons for applying textured paper?

What is textured paper

Masking paper is a kind of high-tech decoration and spraying paper (due to its special function, also known as color separation paper), it is widely used in interior decoration, spray paint for household appliances and spray paint for high-end luxury cars. The boundary of its color separation is clear and bright, and it also has the function of arc art, which brings a new skill revolution to the decoration and spraying profession, and makes the profession glow with new vitality.

The principle of textured paper

Why can textured paper stick to things? Of course it is because it is coated with a layer of adhesive on the surface! The earliest adhesives come from animals and plants. In the nineteenth century, rubber was the primary ingredient of adhesives; and modern Various polymers are widely used. Adhesives can stick things because their own molecules and the molecules of the objects to be connected form bonds, which can firmly bond the molecules together.
The composition of the adhesive, according to different brands, different varieties, there are various different polymers.

Why do we have to paste masking paper during construction?

1. Easy to organize, save time and effort. Now there is a beautiful joint construction method, which is to wax the two sides of the tile gap and then perform the beautiful joint. After the next day is dry, send a worker to the door to clean it with a shovel. Pre-waxing must be uniform. Too little waxing will cause the remaining material on both sides to be shoveled; too much waxing will penetrate into the tile joints, and will reduce the viscosity of the beautiful sewing material, which will simply cause it to fall off and rework again.

When applying masking paper, you don’t have to consider whether the waxing is even, you don’t have to worry about wax and oil flowing into the gap, and it can effectively separate the remaining ceramic mud and tiles, and you can simply tear it off after the construction, and the construction can be easily ended. There is no need to send workers to sort it out.

2. There is no need for a shovel, it does not damage the tiles. Waxing requires a shovel to clean up the remaining material. Assuming that the waxing is uneven, the remaining beautiful sewing material is not easy to clean up, and the shovel itself is a sharp object, even if it is a fine shovel. If you move, it will leave scratches on the tiles, and even in the beauty sewing industry, there are often cases of significant damage to the tiles to compensate the owners. Now home decoration, owners often choose antique bricks with uneven surfaces. It is too risky to use a spatula to arrange them. If the construction is not done for nothing, the owners will have to pay the owners if the wages are not returned.

Textured paper has the characteristics of soft docile, easy to tear and no residual glue. It can be affixed to various ceramic tiles compliantly, and can be easily removed after construction without any damage to the tiles.

3. The viscosity of ceramic clay is too strong, and its viscosity and solidity far exceed those of ordinary beautifying and porcelain jointing agents. Once the ceramic mud is completely dry on the tiles, it will be integrated with the tiles to avoid residual material on the edges of the gaps. Masking paper is the best choice.

Some beautiful seam products can be simply shoveled away by a spatula after they are completely dry, which can only indicate their lack of adhesion and firmness, short service life, and even some beautiful seams and tiles made of shoddy cheap products. If one end of the gap falls off, the whole piece can be pulled up. The use of this low-end product for beautiful seam construction has caused problems in home decoration. Owners often blame the construction team and smash the signs of the construction team.

4. It is conducive to construction, and it is more professional. After the professional construction, tear off the masking paper. The edge of the ceramic mud is flat and smooth, the line is stronger, and the construction efficiency is high. The masking paper is torn off on the construction day, and no messy remnants are left. Adhering to the site is clean and tidy, it can also demonstrate the skill and professionalism of the construction troops, the service is considerate, and it is easier to win the favor and praise of the owners.

Textured paper is an indispensable step in the construction of ceramic mud with better viscosity. It not only saves time and effort, but also ensures the effect before and after construction. With the more regularization and specialization of ceramic tile beauty seam shopping malls, the beauty seam of ceramic paste with textured paper is already the mainstream of the middle and high-end beauty seam malls. What customers want is not low price, but high cost performance, ceramic paste with textured paper. Mei Sewing makes customers feel that the money is 'value

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