What is the acetate cloth tape

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-04

            Acetate cloth tape adopts imported high quality acetate fiber cloth as the backing material, then coated with acrylic acid and flame retardant. Supplied with black and white two colors can choose to use, and has high temperature resistance. Solvent resistance. Better aging resistance, good insulation, flame retardant, high viscosity, etc, has the characteristics of stable and reliable performance. Specification: length of 30 m, width can be customized.

          Item description: acetate cloth tape & have spent Thickness: 190 um for steel adhesion N / 2. 5cm: 11  The tensile strength & have spent N/2. 5 cm: 120 elongation % : 20 withstand voltage: 3. 6 kv feature/purpose: with high temperature resistance, solvent resistance, aging resistance, good insulation, flame retardant, high viscosity, etc, with stable and reliable performance characteristics. Transformer widely as the electronics industry, the motor, coil capacitors and variable frequency power supply such as winding insulation materials.

            The above-mentioned data of measured data, the guarantee values, we would like to for your reference! Suggest that users must try before use, can use a lot. By the American aerospace bureau (conductive cloth from the NASA) Prevent error of aerospace equipment development for the purpose of work, and now it is widely used in all industries, not only to the human body, and can prevent the loss caused by the wrong operation of the industrial equipment. Electrically conductive cloth is made of chemical fibers and natural fibers such as fabric surface after ( Gold - Silver - Copper - Nickel) The metal surface of the metal fiber woven, gives inherent conductivity and no fiber outside change, can ensure the cutting and sewing processing performance or permeability, softness and comfort.

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