What is the Courier bag

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-04

Courier bags refers to express industry, and transport documents, documents and materials, goods in the packing bag. Also known as the Courier bags, mail bag, fedex packing bag.

now is made of polyethylene material used plastic Courier bags, has low cost, easy to use, good waterproof performance characteristics.

in addition to the Courier company has to use a custom to express bag, and is now online shopping industry, many merchants in order to give customers a good image, and image, and propaganda effect, Courier bags custom also have their respective characteristics.

Courier bags classification according to the raw materials: a new Courier bags, half of new material Courier bags, reworked material Courier bags.

Courier bags classified according to whether the printing: printing and Courier bags, no printing Courier bags.

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