What is the difference between aluminum foil tape and aluminum foil paper?

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-04

in recent years, the aluminum foil products are widely used in all walks of life, the emergence of the aluminum foil tape also did

when it is widely used in all major industry in China has a very suitable application. But many people don't know what is the difference between the aluminum foil and aluminum foil tape? So, in order to let everybody know, we introduced in view of these two products.

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aluminum foil tape and aluminum foil is the biggest difference between the aluminum foil tape with sticky!

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aluminum foil tape is the aluminum foil outer and inner pressure sensitive adhesive, including with and without mold parting paper paper two kinds. Is characterized by good viscosity, adhesion, anti-aging, etc. Excellent heat insulation performance. Aluminum foil tape with all the seams paste, aluminum foil composite sealed heat preservation nail perforated, repair the damaged parts, namely, refrigerators, freezers manufacturers main raw and auxiliary materials and thermal insulation materials distribution department essential raw materials.

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aluminum foil tape and aluminum foil paper distinguish

and have paper texture features of the aluminum foil is not glue paper, outside is the aluminum foil, paper is inside. Aluminum foil application is very extensive. Widely used in packaging industry, aviation food packaging, ordinary meat packing, cigarette packing, etc. At the same time, the aluminum foil paper is widely applied in construction, paste on the surface of heat preservation material make its construction more convenient, clean, especially beautiful degree reached a new height. But the difference between different kinds of aluminum foil effect is great, such as fire and ordinary is not a class. So no matter from the structure to the application level, aluminum foil tape and aluminum foil paper there is a big difference.

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