What is the difference between polyolefins adhesive tape and waterproofing materials

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-03

1, polyolefins adhesive tape: in order to prevent the corrosion of steel pipeline, adopts the polyolefin winding package apply adhesive tape. This type of adhesive tape is on the black plastic film, coating made of an excellent weather resistance, pressure sensitive adhesive. According to pipe diameter size, adhesive tape width of polyolefin anticorrosive coating level in accordance with choice of polyolefin the thickness of adhesive tape. With acid and alkali resistance, resistance to chemical erosion, voltage resistance, resistance to stress damage etc.


2, waterproof coiled material: mainly used for agricultural use, industrial drainage processing pool, swimming pool, pool roof, such as water resistance, weather resistance, waterproof, leakproof function. It as a good rubber piece as the main body, coated with pressure-sensitive adhesive is made.


this is waterproof coiled material can be lower than the performance of anticorrosive tape, two materials is different nature of the product.

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