What is the flame retardant grade of gold finger tape?

by:Yourijiu     2021-08-08
Gold finger tape is generally used for the insulation repair of motor cables in the industrial production sector, the insulation of various electronic parts, the high-temperature insulation bundling of transformer coils, the insulation of capacitors, the printed circuit board (PCB), the fixing of electronic parts, and the PCB board during production It can shield the gold finger part and prevent the electroplating solution from immersing and pollution during the tin furnace and wave soldering process, and the printed circuit board is gold-plated for shielding protection. During the production process, the ambient temperature is high, so the gold finger tape is required to have good flame retardant properties, which can ensure the normal use of the gold finger tape, and there is no residual glue on the surface of the gold finger after the high temperature tape is peeled off.

What is the flame retardant grade of gold finger tape?

Gold finger tape has an industrial-grade surface treatment flame retardant grade, long-term temperature resistance: 260 (℃), high temperature resistance Solvent, good viscosity, strong retention, no glue residue;

Gold finger tape specifications: length: 33m (length can be customized); thickness: 0.05mm/0.06mm/0.08mm/0.11mm/0.15 mm; width: 500mm (can be slit);

Gold finger tape advantages: the product has excellent electrical properties, high insulation, high temperature resistance, low temperature, acid and alkali resistance, low electrolysis, good mechanical properties, Wear-resistant, tear-resistant, special adhesive treatment, strong adhesion, no residual glue on the masked surface after tearing off.

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