What is the general minimum order quantity for plastic packaging bags?

by:Yourijiu     2021-08-05
When customizing plastic bags, manufacturers will have the lowest MOQ for packaging bags. What is the general MOQ for plastic packaging bags?

Normally, the MOQ of plastic packaging bags is generally determined by the style and size of the plastic bags, generally ranging from 2000-10000.
The style of the plastic bag determines the process used by the plastic bag, and the size determines the weight of the plastic bag.

Under normal circumstances, plastic bag manufacturers do not have inventory, and they all produce after receiving the production order. If the production style is relatively simple and general, it can be produced together with other orders. The order quantity can be lower. If the production styles usually have fewer orders, such as plastic handbags, then the MOQ will be higher.

The size of the plastic bag is also the key to determining the MOQ, because if the bag is small, the quality of a single bag is relatively small, and the order usually needs more than 50kg to produce, otherwise the loss will be relatively large , And the remaining material is more difficult to handle, so the smaller the bag, the higher the MOQ, the larger the bag, the lower the MOQ. Of course, there is also the lowest MOQ, generally 2000.

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