What is the insulation level of gold finger high temperature tape?

by:Yourijiu     2021-08-08
Gold finger high temperature tape generally uses polyimide as the base material, and the color is similar to that of black tea. It mainly has the advantages of high temperature resistance, high tensile strength, good chemical resistance, no residual glue, ROHS environmental protection and halogen-free, etc., and can be used to protect golden fingers, high-end electrical insulation, and motor insulation. So do you know what the insulation grade of gold finger tape is?

The insulation grade of gold finger high temperature tape is H level.

Insulation grade mainly refers to the heat resistance grade of the insulating material used, that is, the allowable temperature rise refers to the limit of the increase in the temperature of the motor compared with the ambient temperature. At present, the insulation class can be divided into A class, E class, B class, F class, H class, C class, N class, R class according to the temperature class.

In electrical equipment such as generators, insulating materials are the weakest link. Insulating materials are particularly susceptible to accelerated aging and damage due to high temperatures. Different insulating materials have different heat resistance, and electrical equipment using different insulating materials has different ability to withstand high temperatures.

Because, in the electronic and electrical industry, gold finger high temperature tape can be used for insulation wrapping of H-class motor and transformer coils with higher requirements, wrapping and fixing the ends of high temperature resistant coils, protection of temperature measuring thermal resistance, capacitor and wire wrapping Junction and other adhesive insulation under high temperature working conditions, therefore, the insulation grade of gold finger high temperature tape is H level.

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