What is the performance of the high temperature tape

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-05
A common type high temperature adhesive tape adhesive tape is wholesale, mainly is to polyester film as the backing material, then coated with imported high temperature resistant organic silicone pressure sensitive adhesive.

in performance, its insulation performance and resistance to chemical solvents are good, and soft break, good electrical insulation. It can use for a long time can't afford to become warped, without a rubber transfer, after baking no incomplete glue, do not become warped edge, do not fall off. It at the beginning of the viscous force, strong adhesion, suitable for all kinds of different material surface paste, and good high temperature resistance, no residue leaving easy tear. This tape is also very convenient to use, can be directly signals. a easy operation. So it seems, its performance is very good.

on purpose, high temperature adhesive tape is mainly used for the cover of the printed circuit board and various electroplating process protection, and it also can be used in high temperature environment surface protection, electroplating, ultra high temperature, painting and powder coating industries.

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