What is the tape goldfinger tape?

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-05
Tape is often used in a production item, the gold finger high tempreature adhesive tape is a kind of special adhesive tape adhesive tape. Also known as Kapton tape or polyimide tape, the tape with polyimide film as base material, single-sided coating of high performance organic silicon pressure sensitive adhesive, single fluorine plastic mold material or compound two kinds of composite materials. < br / >

< br / > coated high accuracy reached plus or minus 2. 5 um, no scratches, the phenomenon such as drawing, shear resistance, stamping die cutting processing, excellent heat resistance and solvent resistance. < br / > < br / > goldfinger tape storage conditions for 10 - 40-30 ℃, relative humidity 70%; Avoid direct sunlight and high temperature ( More than 40 ℃) High humidity ( 75% rh) The environment. < br / > < br / > goldfinger tape application: applicable to electronic circuit boards wave soldering tin shelter, protection money fingers and high-grade electrical insulation, motor insulation, as well as the lithium battery is fixed. < br / > < br / > goldfinger tape electronic electrician industry can be used for higher requirement of H class motor and transformer coil insulation bandaging, a bandage fixed end of high-temperature resistance, temperature resistance measurement protection, capacitance and wire entanglement and other paste under the working conditions of high temperature insulation. < br / > < br / > in circuit board manufacturing industry can be used for the electronic protection paste, especially suitable for SMT and heat-resistant protect goldfinger, electronic switches, PCB, relay protection, electric transformer and other high temperature resistance and moisture protection of electronic components.

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