What kind of aluminum foil tape are there? What are main use?

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-04

about aluminum foil tape, not many chance we used in daily life, many people may, as its name suggests, that is below the tape style!

that's right, actually also in simple terms, aluminum foil tape is made from aluminum foil substrate with heat resistance properties of the adhesive tape!

the seams of the aluminum foil tape with aluminum foil composite paste, not only in various objects shading effect, can also be used to repair damaged. Is the main raw material of many electronic appliances manufacturer, is also will purchase raw materials in the thermal insulation material. Widely used in automobiles, refrigerators, petrochemical and other electronic and other industries.

but if want to subdivide, aluminum foil tape is divided into the following categories:

a: without aluminum foil backing paper tape

popular speaking, this without aluminum foil backing paper tape is our common and common aluminum foil tape. Its main material made of pure aluminum production. Base material flat light, texture is soft, stick relay high! In daily life, like a row of pipe sealing, hearth waterproof or repair of the POTS and pans, we all can use.

2: there are aluminum foil backing paper tape

have aluminum foil backing paper tape and actually have no tape is the same as the backing paper, paper backing is just more than a middle layer. As mobile phones, computers, copiers and other electronic products need to electromagnetic shielding is also used to.

3: flame retardant aluminum foil tape

just as its name implies, flame retardant, aluminum foil adhesive tape aluminum foil backing with good performance of compounded silicone isolation of paper as the backing paper. Is mainly used for blocking the heat and fire source, is suitable for the walls, steel structure, thermal insulation and heat preservation of automobile, train car!

4: glass fiber cloth aluminum foil tape

glass fiber cloth aluminum foil tapes are made from aluminum foil composite with glass fiber cloth after adhesives, which makes glass fiber cloth aluminum foil tape applied for a better, more suitable for dressing and repair.

5, folder tendons aluminum foil tape

single aluminum foil and kraft paper, folder tendons aluminum foil tape is sandwiched between a glass fibre reinforced composite materials. More attractive and durable, price is low, at the same time, folder tendons aluminum foil tape need but in anhui song power electronic technology co. , LTD. Custom!

6: black lacquer aluminum foil tape

black lacquer aluminum foil plastic outside is a layer of black or dumb color, daily use much, mainly is the subway station, underground shopping malls, such as ventilation pipe bandage, with suction light, sound-absorbing, beautiful wait for an advantage.

7: the aluminum foil butyl tape

is composed of aluminum foil, aluminum foil butyl tape butyl rubber with polyisobutylene such as the main raw material blending. High and low temperature resistance, abrasion resistance and waterproof, mainly used for outdoor balcony, roof, glass, caigang watts, such as pipe crack waterproof.

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