What kind of laptop bag are there? A how many money?

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-04
In life there are many scenes are need to use the portable bag, then the general how much is a laptop bag? What kind of laptop bag are there? < br / > in general, the custom laptop bag is not a fixed price, many factory is the production of products, only a few factory is specialized in the production of standard products, such as specializing in the production of garbage bags wholesale, even the volume bag and vest bag plastic bag manufacturers. So the price of the laptop bag is not fixed, but according to customer demand for the price calculation, but also related to customers choose laptop bag design, let's to explain the laptop bag is what kind of style.

1。 Plastic arm in arm bag

plastic arm in arm bag, that is, arm in arm is plastic material, plastic arm in arm bag material cost will be lower than the other two, so is the first choice for many bags purchasers. < br / > plastic arm in arm bag is usually made of PE material or PO materials, PE material partial soft, PO material partial proofed. Plastic bag usage scenario is very broad, whether companies or shops shopping bag use is very appropriate.

2。 Plastic nailing bags

plastic nailing bags in a dozen years ago once the rage, but with the increase of labor costs, this type of plastic bags is more and more low, the ratio of many packaging buyers to choose the paper bag. < br / > yukio okamoto, advantage of this kind of bag is its handle is made of plastic soft hose, with comfortable, color also can choose design, the appearance will be more beautiful.

3。 Plastic wear rope bag

plastic rope bag to gradually fade out the market and be more cost-effective and more beautiful paper bag and PP sheet handbag replaced. < br / > plastic lacing bag need the artificial cost is higher, but also more strong, can withstand the heavy weight, relative plastic arm in arm bag is also more beautiful.

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