What makes the high temperature tape can resist high temperature

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-04

        High temperature tape first used in the electronics industry use, function is usually between 120 to 260 degrees, is often used to spray paint, lacquer that bake, leather processing, coating cover and fixed process of electronic components, printed circuit boards and heat treatment. Good thermal stability, high temperature tape can be long-term operation under 200 ℃, a short period of time can be endured 260 ℃ high temperature. Soft, tear resistance, strong cohesive force, is not easy to deformation, suitable for all kinds of special-shaped material posted to maintain appearance. No adhesive residue, pull open after long-term high temperature curing adhesive tape, leaving no residue. High mechanical strength, suitable for coil wound tightly solid. So we know that high temperature adhesive tape of high temperature resistant function depends on what?               High temperature adhesive tape of high temperature resistant function depends on: in the process of manufacturing high temperature adhesive tape base material and use glue in one of the resolution is the key. Base material usually contains pet; Textured paper; Polyimide film; Glass cloth; Teflon fibre; Teflon film, etc. ; Glue is usually choose acrylic adhesive; Silica gel; Silica gel, etc. Join in the process of the produce and additives. These are elements of a resolution high temperature tape high temperature resistant function.

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