What material is generally used for clothing packaging bags?

by:Yourijiu     2021-08-09
Clothing packaging bags have been developed with a variety of materials, so what materials are generally used for clothing packaging bags? Which material is better to choose?
Clothing packaging bags generally use PP material (polypropylene), PE material (LDPE), CPE material, PPE material, EVA material, PVC material. The advantages and disadvantages of various materials are different, and the prices are also different, so how to choose the material of the clothing packaging bag?

The choice of material for clothing packaging bags is related to the type of clothing packaging. The two most commonly used plastic bags for clothing packaging bags are plastic zipper bags and plastic self-adhesive bags. Plastic self-adhesive bags are generally used PP material, OPP material production, occasionally some brands will choose PE material to make meticulously; while the plastic zipper bag can be made of PE material, CPE material, PPE material, EVA material.

So apart from the type of clothing packaging bag, what else can be used as a basis for choosing the material of the clothing packaging bag?

1. Generally speaking, if it is a clothing brand with a physical store, the stock clothing in the store is basically made of PP or OPP, because the packaging of PP is relatively thin and strong. In terms of price, it is relatively low and cost-effective. However, PP material or OPP material has a common disadvantage that it is hard and brittle, so it is very easy to produce creases. It will not affect the use in store inventory, but it cannot be used as e-commerce clothing If the packaging bag is wrinkled at the moment when the customer gets the product, the customer is definitely not very comfortable and thinks that the stock has been stored for a long time. 2. Therefore, clothing sold on the e-commerce platform generally uses softer PE, PPE and CPE materials, which will not produce wrinkles during transportation and storage, and it is also brand new when delivered to customers

If the clothing is sold on the e-commerce platform, then the packaging when the customer receives the clothing is particularly important. The clothing packaging bag can not only convey the value of the clothing , But also allows customers to leave an impression on the brand. How to choose the three most used materials: PE, PPE, and CPE?

1. PE material is the most used material, but there are always two disadvantages that are worth noting: insufficient transparency and powdering. These two points are two very fatal shortcomings for high-end clothing brands: insufficient transparency will make the bag look gray, if you wear dark clothes, the clothes will look dirty; powdering will also make the bag dark. Clothes are stained with white powder. The white powder is precipitated by the opening agent of the plastic packaging bag after cooling. Therefore, if the control is not good, dark clothes will become dirty.

2. PPE material solves these two shortcomings of PE material. PPE material has high transparency, soft texture, and less powder precipitation. Therefore, more and more brands choose to use PPE material in recent years. The only shortcoming of PPE material is that due to the lack of precipitation of the opening agent powder, it will be difficult to open the clothing packaging bag if it is placed for a long time. But fish and bear's paw cannot have both, disadvantages and advantages always coexist.

3. CPE bags are completely matte texture, smooth and soft to the touch, because the touch of this material makes people feel gentle and kind, so many maternal and baby clothing packaging bags will use this material. At the same time, its frosted hazy feeling also creates a sense of mystery, so many high-end women's clothing brands also prefer CPE material clothing packaging bags.

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