What needs to be prepared before construction of polypropylene anticorrosive tape

by:Yourijiu     2021-08-03
When we are constructing polypropylene anticorrosive tape, what materials need to be prepared and what matters need to be paid attention to, these are the issues we need to consider, so preparations before construction are very important, let’s take a look at today’s content together: br />
   1. The construction site is leveled, the temporary road is unblocked, and the water source and power source are led to the place of use. After testing, it meets the construction requirements.

  2. When the wind and sand are heavy (referring to the flying sand and diffuse weather, there may be dust and sand covering the surface of the steel pipe, primer, and tape), it is not suitable to apply primer and winding tape without reliable protection measures.

  3. All construction personnel entering the site have been given safety education, and the operators of special types of work have been trained and qualified and hold certificates.

   4. Construction raw materials are adequately prepared according to the material plan, and the anti-corrosion materials used must have a certificate.

  5. Construction machinery, equipment, tools, etc. enter the site according to the requirements of the construction organization design, and their performance, quantity, and quality meet the construction needs.

  6. The anti-corrosion coating work site should have safety protection measures, fire prevention and ventilation measures to prevent fire and personnel poisoning accidents.

   Only by doing the preparations before the construction of polypropylene anticorrosive tape, can we be handy in the construction process and ensure the smooth progress of the construction, so we must take the preparation work seriously before construction.
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