What PET high temperature tape glue mark?

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-06
What factors might result in pet high temperature tape glue mark?

1, the first to determine the application of pet high temperature adhesive tape is its heat resistance data information to manufacturing, paint spraying high temperature 210 degrees - general rules 180 degrees - 220 degrees, oil pump general rules 200 degrees ( According to the spray paint process, the heat resistance of regulations to differ, above information are for reference only) 。

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2, spraying production line or the temperature of the spraying production line data information is within processing regulations category, the temperature is too high, check the furnace temperature sensor is normal.

3, pet high temperature adhesive tape products own product quality problem, high temperature adhesive tape in the process of coating is rigorous according to the data information to carry out the heating dry solid made polyurethane resin, dry solid time insufficient or coated angular speed too fast, can cause the glue, will not be able to coat the glue, plank three component fusion; 4, after high temperature adhesive tape coating, semi-finished products processing should put 2 - static Three days, then rewinding segmentation application, its purpose is to let the glue with good fusion, super glue in case of course completely dry solid.

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