What precautions should be taken when using tape? Dongguan sealing tape wholesale

by:Yourijiu     2022-04-14
Dongguan sealing tape wholesale shares with you: what are the precautions when using tape? Tape is very popular in our life, but have you noticed what we pay attention to when we use tape? Below we will give you a general introduction to the use of it! 1. Please fully remove the stains, dust, oil, moisture, etc. on the adherend before sticking. 2. Please avoid repeated paste, after paste, please let stand for several hours. 3. Please do not directly paste it on the human body, uneven surface, and rough surface. 4. When storing the tape, please avoid direct sunlight and heat sources, and keep it in a cool place. Dongguan sealing tape wholesale 5. The shelf life of the tape is 6 months after leaving the factory, and the best effect is used within one month. 6. The values u200bu200brecorded in the test report are measured values, not guaranteed values.
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