What's the difference between a crepe paper with double-sided adhesive?

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-05
U. S. profile of paper tape are crepe paper and pressure sensitive glue as the main raw material, in the U. S. profile of paper coated with pressure-sensitive adhesive, the other side coated to prevent sticking material, made of 2113 roll of adhesive tape. With high temperature resistance, good resistance to chemical solvent, high adhesion, soft 5261 soft and submissive, and no residue leaving destroyed again. The industry known as crepe paper pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes. Electronic components, used for capacitor strip packing used with kraft paper belt; Apply to the spray paint with polish engineering or other's 4102 on the edge of the paint used for precision plating is covered with chrome without plating parts.

and double-sided adhesive is a kind of categories, contains a lot of kinds, generally refers to 1653 paper, cloth, plastic film as the backing material, then the elastic body pressure sensitive adhesive or resin pressure-sensitive adhesive evenly coated on the substrate roll made of adhesive tape, specially designed by the base material, adhesive, from type paper Film) Or silicone oil paper of three parts.


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