What's the difference between the PE bag with PP bag?

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-06
Pe bag is a kind of plastic bags, use of the material is polyethylene, the material not only non-toxic tasteless and feel very good, more important is to be able to meet the criteria of food hygiene packaging. PP bag mainly use polypropylene produced by the material, the production process are mainly color printing and offset printing. Then what's the difference between Pe bag with PP bag?

    First of all, feel is different between the two: Pe bag is soft, with the hand feels like wax feeling, strong tension, even knead don't fold, PP bag is crisp, easy to break, the interface is often hot melt, knead words will fold.

    Second, it features between different: PE bag no taste, no poison, has the very good resistance to low temperature can, and chemical properties is stable, encounter acid alkali will not change, under the normal temperature of the melting will not occur in the general solvent, and water is small, also has good electrical insulation, but aging resistance is not very good. PP bag has good mechanical properties, good toughness and impact resistance is good, also in the strong acid alkali and organic solvent will not change.     In addition, the use scope is different also, between PE bag more are some plastic bags and plastic film, but using more pp bag is in some industry, all kinds of food and beverage and so on to provide a good packaging.

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