What's the high temperature tape for?

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-05

        What's the high temperature tape for? High temperature adhesive tape is used and under the environment of high temperature operation, can protect an electronic industrial tape of the object. You know there are many types of high temperature tape, can use industry is also more. In order to let everyone understand what is the action of high temperature tape, next, our high temperature adhesive tape manufacturers and everyone together to discuss on this issue.

        First take the PET high temperature tape, because of its high temperature resistance range of more than 300 degrees, and has strong corrosion resistance, alkali resistance properties, PET high temperature adhesive tape is often used in high temperature on sizing machine roller, heating tablets, thermoplastic stripping artifacts, etc.

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second, high temperature adhesive tape and widely used in electronic protection paste, especially suitable for the protection of heat-resistant wave soldering tin stove cover goldfinger, leather feeder, resistance of containers, circuit boards goldfinger, high temperature protection, electronic transformer, motor and other high temperature resistance and moisture protection of electronic components. These high temperature adhesive tape with high temperature resistance, high tensile strength, good chemical resistance, etc. The advantages of high temperature adhesive tape.

        Finally, the high temperature tape can be used in packing bag sealing parts for various need heat treatment when high temperature protection function. Can use the high temperature tape for protection.

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