What standards does polypropylene adhesive tape implement in anti-corrosion protection projects?

by:Yourijiu     2021-07-31

Polypropylene adhesive tape is an adhesive tape made of polypropylene fiber woven cloth as the base material, compounded with special adhesives, and attached with a release film. The products are mostly used in the oil and gas and chemical industries. External anti-corrosion protection of quality pipe body and pipe fittings.

The role of polypropylene adhesive tape in engineering projects determines its implementation standards. The current domestic new standard 'Technical Standard for Polyolefin Adhesive Tape Anticorrosive Coating for Steel Pipeline' SY/0414-2017 has corresponding requirements for polypropylene adhesive tape in the construction and acceptance of anticorrosion projects; protect the special internal anticorrosion layer When the materials are used, SY/T5918-2017 'Technical Specification for Repairing the External Anticorrosive Layer of Buried Steel Pipelines' will give a detailed description.

In short, when selecting polypropylene adhesive tape, refer to the project requirements to implement the corresponding standards.

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