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by:Yourijiu     2020-06-21
However, this does not mean that it cannot be done. There are ways to make the task of painting skirting boards a lot easier. As long as you have the right materials and you prepare yourself for the chore, you can get it done in no time and without a lot of effort. Preparing to Paint Your Skirting Boards Preparation is an important step to any chore, not just with painting baseboards. The preparation step would involve your getting the right materials for the job and putting some things into place that will prevent your painting job from being botched. Naturally, to get your painting job done, you would need paints and brushes. You should get latex paint because this type of paint dries more quickly and is durable against scratches and scuffing. Also, if the old paint on your baseboards is oil-based, the new paint that you should get should also be oil-based. The simple reason behind this is that oil and water do not mix. If you are going to buy water-based paint, you will need to sand and prime the baseboards first. As for the brushes, it may be best to get painting pads instead of rollers or brushes. Most painting pads are designed for skirting boards and pads will allow you to paint your baseboards with a single stroke instead of multiple ones, thus resulting in a more even painting. Mask Before You Paint Your Skirting Boards Another tip that can make painting your skirting boards a lot easier is to mask your wall and your floor first before you start painting. In this way, you will prevent paint smudges from bleeding to your wall and your floor, thus making the paint job look messy and sloppy. You can use ordinary masking tape to get this task done, but it is recommended that you get a specialty tape from the hardware store. A regular masking tape may tear the paint off your walls or create scuff marks on your floor. Apply the tape neatly on the space where your baseboard meets the wall. To protect your floor, spread a sheet of plastic on your work area and tape it securely. Make sure that the area where the edge of the baseboard meets the floor is fully covered. Painting your skirting boards can be a messy job, but you can simplify the job with the right tools and the right preparation. When the job is done, you can stand back and admire your work on sprucing up your skirting boards.
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