[Where the wholesale stationery is cheap] Ningbo Stationery Qiao Rao Trade Barrier Seeking New Way Out

by:Yourijiu     2021-08-15
  Many Zhejiang enterprises, which are suffering from trade barriers in European and American countries, chose to take a detour. In the eyes of many Zhejiang businessmen, ASEAN, which has low production costs and almost no trade barriers, has clearly become the best springboard.  Friends in the circle have been talking about the eighth China-ASEAN Economic and Trade Ministers’ Meeting held by my country and ASEAN in Bangkok, Thailand...  Many Zhejiang companies that have suffered from trade barriers in European and American countries have chosen to take a detour. In the eyes of many Zhejiang businessmen, ASEAN, which has low production costs and almost no trade barriers, has clearly become the best springboard.   Friends in the circle have been talking about the eighth China-ASEAN Economic and Trade Ministers' Meeting held in Bangkok, Thailand. There will be big moves. We did not expect it to be our guess. On the 4th day when China and ASEAN signed the 'China-ASEAN Free Trade Area Investment AgreementLike Lian Wenrong, these days, Xiao Qijing, vice president of Holley Group, is also preparing to visit Myanmar, Vietnam and other countries.   The signing of the 'China-ASEAN Free Trade Area Investment Agreement' has allowed Zhejiang enterprises to smell the smell of distant markets.   Attractive market   On January 1 next year, the China-ASEAN Free Trade Area will be basically completed, and tariffs on more than 90% of the products trade between China and ASEAN will be reduced to zero. This will be the free trade zone with the largest number of consumers and the largest coverage in the world, and it is also known as the 'future world's third largest economy' after the EU and the North American Free Trade Zone. Zhejiang enterprises should seize this business opportunity. Pei Changhong, director of the Institute of Finance and Trade Economics of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said that the launch of the China-ASEAN Free Trade Area provides a favorable opportunity for Zhejiang enterprises to explore the ASEAN market.   After the completion of the China-ASEAN Free Trade Area, most of the textile and electromechanical industry products that are in the forefront of Zhejiang's export products can enter the ASEAN market with zero tariffs, which will play a positive role in the expansion of the market and the response to the crisis for related foreign trade enterprises in Zhejiang. Zhang Handong, director of the Zhejiang International Economic and Trade Research Center, said that the economic structures of Zhejiang and ASEAN are highly complementary and each have their own characteristics in terms of resource composition, industrial structure, and trade commodities. Zhejiang has comparative advantages in textiles, clothing, shoes, food, grains, building materials, machinery and electronics, and chemical products, while ASEAN has greater advantages in resource products such as logs, oil, natural gas, coal, and natural rubber.   The market potential of ASEAN has already mobilized the sensitive Zheshang. In July 2004, Wahaha and Danone jointly established a factory in Indonesia and put into production; Holley Group’s first stop to go out was Thailand; this year, Hailiang Group established a company in Vietnam in the emerging market of ASEAN, which is everywhere. The presence of merchants directly promoted the warming of trade between ASEAN and Zhejiang. According to statistics, in the six years from 2002 to 2008, the average annual growth rate of trade between Zhejiang and ASEAN was as high as 34.2%. At present, ASEAN has become the fourth largest trading partner of Zhejiang Province besides the European Union, the United States and Japan.  By way of export  On April 6, the European Union decided to extend the period of anti-dumping duties imposed on Chinese candle products. On September 9, the Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade of Brazil issued an announcement to impose anti-dumping duties on footwear and car tires imported from China. Two days later, US President Barack Obama decided to impose a three-year punitive tariff on all car and light truck tires imported from China. The frequent alarms of international trade frictions sounded like a nightmare for export companies. At this point, the Meitong Group can be said to be the foresight of the Spring River Plumbing Duck Prophet.   As early as 2004, the United States announced a 108% tariff on Chinese candles. At that time, half of the products were sold to the US-based Meitong Group. After investigation, it was decided to establish a production base in Vietnam and gradually transfer domestic production capacity to that place. Because the export of candles from Vietnam to the EU has zero tariffs, this preserves the local competitive advantage of its products. With this special structural model, we survived the cruel international trade. Xu Li, chairman of Mtone Group, said with emotion.   The domestic market is sluggish, and there are anti-dumping pressures externally. It is imperative to transfer production bases, and ASEAN is a good place. Qiu Zhihui, the person in charge of the Vietnam Chemical Fiber Project of Cixi Import and Export Company and the general manager of Shenwei Company, made a footnote to the large investment. We have started to expand the production of Vietnam's chemical fiber factory to further tap the potential of ASEAN.   The reason why Hailiang invests in Vietnam, where the wholesale stationery is cheap, is to realize the globalization of the industry and improve the company's competitiveness. The securities affairs representative of Hailiang Co., Ltd. also said frankly that, more importantly, the deep processing business of medium and high-grade copper and copper alloy materials in Vietnam can circumvent trade barriers in the international market.   Once Zhejiang stationery enterprises invest in ASEAN, the various trade, non-trade barriers and world regional trade protectionism against China in the future will not be able to stop Ningbo Stationery. Cheng Taizhong, chairman of the Singapore Book Stationery Merchants Association, previously said that the China-ASEAN Free Trade Area and ASEAN, the world's re-export market, will provide effective solutions to the trade barriers encountered by Zhejiang stationery and other industries.
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