Which polyolefin adhesive tape is better to expose in the open air?

by:Yourijiu     2021-07-30

The important condition for determining the quality of polyolefin adhesive tape in the open air is the base material of its product. Maiqiang has two kinds of anticorrosive adhesive tapes that are very suitable for long-term exposure in the open air.

First, the polypropylene adhesive tape is a plain woven fabric with UV-resistant polypropylene mesh reinforcement fiber as the base material. Its special manufacturing process and material selection are very resistant to stress damage, can effectively resist external damage due to construction or other reasons, and are not aging in long-term exposure to the sun. It has been tested by a nationally accredited laboratory to resist UV rays for 600h without change.

Second, aluminum foil adhesive tape is a new type of self-adhesive tape with strong UV resistance. Our company's products use a unique aluminum-plastic (PET) composite foil substrate that reflects sunlight, is resistant to ultraviolet rays, has good flexibility, and has a smooth appearance. Provide reliable guarantee for long-term exposure to space and sunlight. There is no change in the anti-ultraviolet rays tested by a nationally accredited laboratory for 600h.

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